Terms and Conditions

For sale policy on the website

an introduction

Cairo Mega Store is a website
– The policies and provisions set out below are an official reference for regulating the use of Cairo Megastore by the customer
When using the Cairo Mega Store website, you acknowledge that you accept these general terms and conditions in full

Terms and Conditions

Since the main objective of the company is to make sales available through its website is to reach the consumer, it is limited to personal use and not commercial sales or distributors, so the company has the right to cancel any purchase orders that appear to be for distributors or in the case of repeated registration of the purchase order for another person. The company also has the right to Putting restrictions on the number of products sold and registered with the purchase order to allow the rest of the customers to benefit from the offer

We are keen to provide the most accurate information on prices to all users of our website, but errors may sometimes occur, such as cases in which the price of a product is not set correctly on the site, and then we reserve the right to refuse or cancel the request from the requests that are recorded on our website on a product Registered by mistake or by mistake on an offer that has already expired and the order is executed only if the price is modified to the correct price and the customer agrees to that after informing him

1- Cairo Mega Store has the right to refuse, modify, or cancel any order at any time and without reference to the customer
Cairomega Store has the right to request more information about the buyer, including but not limited to (name, phone number, address, etc.) to confirm the identity of the buyer and before accepting the order
The company reserves the right to correct errors, update the contents of our website, or modify the prices of products at any time without prior notice, and the company has the right to modify or delete any item of the company’s sales policy without prior notice.

Payment Related Terms And Conditions:

1- Cash on Delivery:

– The customer pays the invoice value to the delivery representative upon receiving the item.

2- Pay by Visa Card or Master Card upon receipt.

– The customer can register the purchase order and choose this method to pay the value of the commodity… In this case, the representative will have an MPOS machine to complete the process of selling and receiving the commodity.
In this case…if the customer desires
After receiving the item… Return it and return it to the company and cancel
Purchase order… The customer will be refunded from the company
Within a week as from the date of recalling the item


3- Payment through Visa or MasterCard “Online”

– The customer pays the value of the invoice via MasterCard or Visa cards “online” during the registration of the order on the company’s website, and in some cases the customer does not complete the process correctly, yet the amount is deducted from the customer’s account, in this case… The customer goes back to his bank to find out when the amount will be refunded.
And that without any responsibility on the company in that.

The amount will be refunded to the customer in the same payment method that he used